Toyota New Vehicle Warranties

toyota new vehicle warranties

NJ Toyota Certifed Used Cars

NJ Toyota certified used cars; come with special features, other car providers cannot compete with. When a car buyer decides to purchase a NJ Toyota used car, they are guaranteed a three month, three thousand mile comprehensive warranty. This warranty is a result of every NJ Toyota used vehicles being in top condition, when the car is sold to a new owner.  If there is a faulty part, or a car defect, due to poor workmanship, a certified NJ Toyota vehicle is completely covered.

The amazing features don’t stop with a three month, three thousand mile comprehensive warranty. NJ Toyota certified used vehicles also receive a seven year, 100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty. The competitors of NJ Toyota dealerships cannot compete, with this amazing standard feature. For the same duration of seven years, 100,000 miles, comes roadside assistance. This is an amazing feature for any NJ Toyota used car buyer, but especially amazing, for first time car owners. Younger drivers are usually inexperienced, with mechanical problems. If a car needs to be jumped, has a flat tire, or any other problem arises. Parents can rest assure, there young driver is protected by NJ Toyota roadside assistance.

NJ Toyota certified used cars, undergo strict testing. Certified NJ Toyota vehicles are the cream of the used car crop. No other car dealer can provide the assurance of a NJ Toyota certified used car, because no other brand undergoes a 160 point inspection. This extensive process ensures the quality of each and every certified NJ Toyota vehicle. Next time you enter your NJ Toyota dealership, find the NJ Toyota certified used vehicles and drive off in a quality vehicle.

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